GoCardless offers their customers an end to late payments, chasing customers, stress, and expensive fees. Used by merchants across the globe, GoCardless processes $30 billion in transactions - across dollars, pounds, euros and more, and collects from payers across 30+ countries. 75,000 businesses, both large and small, trust them to power their payments. 

GoCardless partnered with Onfido to optimize their KYC workflows by leveraging Onfido’s ID record and document verification solutions. Onboarding new customers is imperative for GoCardless to continue to grow so Onfido’s automated identity verification solution helps to quickly confirm user identities as well as free up her team to focus on more valuable work. 

Discover why Freya Seeley, Compliance Operations Manager of KYC and Screening at GoCardless has high confidence in her identity verification partner as she quickly and securely onboards new customers.

Being able to have that automation means that our customers can essentially verify as quick as possible…

Freya Seeley, Compliance Operations Manager, GoCardless