Frost & Sullivan identifies Onfido as a leader in global biometric authentication solutions

Frost & Sullivan identifies Onfido as a leader in global biometric authentication solutions

Frost & Sullivan has presented Onfido with this year’s Best Practices Enabling Technology Leadership Award in the Global biometric authentication solutions industry.

Read their report to learn:

  • Why biometric technology is central to secure onboarding experiences 
  • How biometrics support seamless customer experiences
  • Why Onfido has been recognized as a leader in the space 

The importance of biometric authentication solutions

Biometric technologies form the foundation of secure verification and authentication. Biometric authentication technology compares an individual's live characteristics to their unique template and establishes authentication when both data sets align.

With technological advancement, the biometric solutions industry is taking identity verification, security, and customer experience (CX) into a new era.

What puts Onfido at the forefront of biometric technology?

Frost & Sullivan identified Onfido as offering the most comprehensive biometric solution portfolio on the market with robust features and capabilities based on three authentication protocols:

  • Selfie: The customer takes a selfie of their face. Real-time prompts flag if the photo is blurry or has glare, and Smart Capture takes multiple frames, resulting in faster turnaround times and improved conversion rates.
  • Motion: Users are guided through a short, video selfie in which they turn their head. Biometric fraud analysis is 100% automated, takes seconds, is iBeta PAD Level 2 compliant, and protects against display attacks and 2D/3D masks.
  • Known Faces: Identifies duplicate biometrics at sign-up by comparing against other biometrics previously submitted by an end-user.

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