Identity verification direct in Salesforce

If your business runs in Salesforce, it’s easy to verify user identities with Onfido. Onfido is the #1 onboarding and KYC solution for Salesforce customers. In addition, we help over 900 businesses navigate KYC compliance, prevent fraud, and simplify onboarding processes with our Real Identity Platform.

Automatically installed

Financial Services Cloud integration

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud comes with Onfido pre-integrated. All users need to do is create an account and enable Onfido from their dashboard, and they can start running document and biometric verification for new and existing customers.

Financial Services Cloud integration image
Plug and play integration

Salesforce AppExchange App

Trigger verifications and see results directly from Salesforce. Our Lightning Experience Widget is available directly on contact records — all it takes is a few clicks to initiate verification using the methods that meet your unique requirements.  

Product walkthough

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud + Onfido Identity Verification

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