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Onfido makes digital identity simple. We’ve spent 10 years developing identity verification solutions that empower people to quickly and securely access the services they love. Our AI-powered solutions are built with fairness and inclusiveness at their core, and have been awarded ‘Outstanding Leader in Accessibility’ and ‘Best Innovation in Algorithmic Bias Mitigation’ from CogX.

Discover how an automated identity verification solution can help your business’ bottom line by converting more customers, reducing the need for manual review, and preventing fraud risk in our ROI calculator.

What makes Onfido different?

One platform, powerful automation

The Real Identity Platform is an end-to-end identity verification solution you can use to automate onboarding, navigate global compliance, and satisfy the most important use cases in your industry

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Legal information

Privacy and security is our priority

Compliance certifications

We help hundreds of businesses navigate compliance worldwide. Our solution meets ETSI TS 119 461, ETSI EN 319 401, eIDAS Regulation EU 2014/910, and the UK Government's Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.