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Automated KYC for remittance services

Efficiently onboard global users with an AI-powered KYC solution. The Real Identity Platform is an end-to-end identity verification platform trusted by over 900 businesses to navigate global regulation, detect fraud, and seamlessly onboard new users.

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Industry challenges

Unlock scale with a global platform

Diverse regulatory requirements and increasingly demanding user expectations make it difficult for remittance firms to compete at scale in a crowded market. Businesses are forced to rely on a patchwork of vendors to address global and local KYC / AML needs, resulting in high costs. Even then, checks often require manual review which further increases drop-off  and customer acquisition costs. But with the right partner, compliance can become your competitive advantage, not a tick-box exercise.

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How can Onfido help?

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Document Verification

Have confidence in your customer’s identity by verifying a photo ID. We support over 2,500 document types in 195 countries, and leverage region-specific technologies including barcodes and NFC verification. Our document analysis is powered by proprietary Atlas AI which is built of over 10,000+ micro-models trained to detect specific fraud attack vectors.

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biometric innovation

Biometric Verification

Biometric verification creates confidence a document is being presented by its rightful owner. Our latest innovation, Onfido Motion, means users simply turn their head. Analysis is 100% automated with 95% of verifications returned in seconds, and our models have been trained to mitigate bias for global audiences.

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Known Faces

Check if the same face has already been used to create an account — with no additional friction. Known Faces looks for repeat biometric data within the last year — so you can identify fraudsters attempting to create multiple accounts.

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Detect Sophisticated Fraud

Repeat Attempts

Confidently catch sophisticated document fraud with a real-time comparison to historic onboarded documents to detect repeat ID document usage. Repeat Attempts operates in the background and requires no additional action from your users — strengthening security without adding friction.

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Proof of Address

Verify a user’s address to meet KYC onboarding requirements. Onfido’s automated Proof of Address verification makes it easy for your customers to submit a document during the sign up workflow.

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Watchlist monitoring


Validate applicant data against global sanctions, PEPs and adverse media watchlists to meet KYC and AML requirements.

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Smart Capture SDKs

Integrate best-in-class capture experiences on mobile and desktop in 44+ languages. Our native Smart Capture SDKs are built with user experience and security in mind with features like real-time blur and glare detection, multi-frame image capture, and WCAG AA accessibility features.

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Onfido Studio

Orchestrate identity verification workflows in a no-code interface. Build, measure, and deploy journeys matched to your requirements in every market — combining a mix of document and biometric verification, trusted data sources, and passive fraud detection signals.

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