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Automated KYC for financial services

Navigate KYC in financial services with an end-to-end identity solution. Satisfy global KYC and AML requirements by building tailored workflows that meet your unique requirements. Powered by award-winning Atlas™ AI, our verification experiences are seamless to reduce drop-off and grow your customer base.

Liminal Link™ Index

32 account opening solutions profiled

Liminal’s Link™ Index profiles 32 leading vendors looking at momentum, market strength, stability, product scope, and leadership — finding only 21.3% of vendors meet buyer demands. Download the full report to get a complete view of the market challenges facing buyers, key purchasing decisions, and product demand criteria — and learn why Onfido is ranked as a global Market Leader, and a specific Regional Leader in Europe.

Liminal Link Index

Digital transformation in banking

Know your customers
from day one

Verify identity while fulfilling KYC compliance obligations, meet ever-changing financial regulatory requirements, and protect your brand and bottom line. Unlock onboarding automation, fraud prevention, and digital transformation while mitigating sophisticated financial fraud.

How Onfido can help

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Document Verification

Have confidence in your customer’s identity by verifying a photo ID. Powered by Atlas™ AI, our Onfido document verification is fair, accurate, and delivers results in seconds.

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Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

Stop fraud without adding friction to the process. Introduce passive signals to your verification workflows to detect fraud without impacting user experience or turnaround times.

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Biometric Verification

Build on document verification by connecting that ID to a real person. Onfido Selfie and Motion add another layer of fraud protection, while are a simple way for users to prove their identity.

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Data Verification

Navigate complex global regulations with a range of trusted data sources. Choose and blend checks including ID record, watchlist monitoring, proof of address, AAMVA, and more.

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