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Founded in 2009, Getaround has emerged as a leading carsharing platform in Europe, spanning over 1,000 towns and cities across 8 countries. The platform offers on-demand mobility solutions, aiming to revolutionize car usage by making sharing more efficient than owning. This reduces the number of vehicles on the road as well as aligns with the company's commitment to promoting sustainable forms of mobility.

The challenge: 

Getaround confronted a significant challenge as users with flagged fraudulent activities sometimes managed to rejoin the platform under new identities, evading existing alert systems. This posed a threat to the platform's integrity and necessitated a robust solution to enhance fraud detection.

The solution:

Using Onfido's game-changing "Known Faces" solution, Getaround was able to identify users with previous fraudulent flags. This innovative feature allowed the platform to discern between legitimate users with modified details and those attempting to return with entirely new identities. Seamless integration of Onfido's Document Check and Motion solutions allowed for faster and more secure user verification and further fortified the entire verification process.

The results:

The integration of Onfido into Getaround's workflows was swift, requiring only one week within the existing setup. The impact was immediate, with fraudulent users being detected more efficiently.

  • Enhanced Fraud Detection: Onfido's known faces feature resulted in 1% of profile verifications triggering alerts, significantly improving the identification of potential fraudulent activity.
  • Effective Restriction Implementation: A substantial 16.5% of these alerts led to restrictions, showcasing the precision and efficacy of Onfido's fraud prevention measures.

Onfido's contribution extended beyond fraud prevention, significantly enhancing Getaround's reputation as a reliable player in the carsharing market. 

The heightened security measures not only safeguards the platform but also attracts new customers who prioritize safety. Looking forward, Getaround aims to leverage this newfound trust to attract more vehicle owners and users, solidifying its position as a leading digital carsharing service.


of requestors triggered alerts


of flagged alerts led to restrictions

This feature is a real asset for our platform. It helps us build a safer, more reliable carsharing service that will enable us to gain the trust of more vehicle owners and users willing to use our services. Onfido's solutions have been instrumental in achieving our security objectives.

Pierre Béret, VP Customers Operations & Risk