State of financial crime: The impact of fraud on KYC and AML compliance

March 7, 2024

State of financial crime: The impact of fraud on KYC and AML compliance

Money laundering, corruption, and fraud are the most common types of financial crime risks. And while we’re all familiar with these crimes, many businesses are not doing enough to protect themselves from them.

To confidently execute any business transaction, you must know who you’re dealing with and the risks they present.

In this highly engaging chat, experts from Onfido and ComplyAdvantage examine the state of financial crime. They will consider the regulations put in place to tackle financial crime, and the tools that are available to both protect consumers and organisations, and meet compliance obligations.

If your goal is safe and secure identity verification, you'll want to join Iain Armstrong, Regulatory Lead at ComplyAdvantage, and Yuelin Li, Chief Product Officer at Onfido, as they delve into the details you need to consider in order to mitigate fraud and meet AML regulatory requirements. 

Join them as they discuss: 

  • The most recent identity fraud trends and how they will proliferate and accelerate financial crime and sanctions evasion
  • How adoption of real-time payments, open banking and cross-board payments could exacerbate the fraud problem
  • The current state of geo-political and regulatory landscapes 
  • How your peers are set to spend and defend against fraud, according to a survey of 600+ compliance decision makers
  • Practical steps you can take to detect, prevent and defend against criminal attacks

Be prepared for the latest fraud and financial crime challenges - Watch now, on demand.

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The digital age has revolutionized how we manage our finances. As consumers, it's given us this fantastic convenience and speed, but it's also created opportunities for financial criminals. And the consumer survey showed this slightly disconcerting reality that 89% of consumers have expressed concerns about falling victim to fraud.

Iain Armstrong, Regulatory lead, ComplyAdvantage

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