Partnership enables HYPE to acquire new customers faster; and further expands Onfido’s presence in the Italian financial services market 

HYPEapp Consumer blog image

Onfido, the leading global provider of automated identity verification and authentication solutions, today announced its partnership with HYPE, the leading Italian neo bank, to automate customer onboarding and improve user experience for HYPE’s mobile app. Onfido’s award-winning identity document and facial biometric technology enables HYPE to scale as they meet demand, accelerating the onboarding of customers. 

Launched in 2015, HYPE is driving daily banking to the ultimate level in simplicity and customer experience for its 1.7 million customers, offering digital payments, third party services and an exclusively online account that makes personal finance management smart and fast. Through their mobile app and Mastercard facilities, HYPE offers a range of financial services including P2P and bill payments, transfers, savings management, cashback program, in addition to other banking services provided in collaborations with partners such as instant credit, personal loans, deposit accounts, insurance and investment funds. With the increasing number of users onboarding, HYPE needed an identity verification provider that can automate its verification process, verifying end-users accurately in minutes with a secure and seamless user experience that detects and mitigates fraud. 

The partnership has had immediate results, reducing document verification time from 24 hours to just a few minutes. To verify their identity to sign-up for HYPE’s services remotely, users simply take a photo of their government-issued identity document (ID) and take a short selfie video. Onfido first checks that the ID is genuine and not fraudulent and then the biometric technology matches the photo on the ID to the facial biometrics captured in the same flow. This ensures the person presenting the identity is its legitimate owner and is physically present. HYPE has designed a hybrid of automatic and manual checks leveraging Onfido’s platform for automation, improving user experience while keeping low operational costs.

HYPE users can start their digital journey anywhere, anytime, through a simple and user-friendly online experience that also protects against fraudulent attempts.

HYPE works diligently towards creating a personalised, simple and efficient way for customer’s banking needs, offering an alternative to traditional banking models. Our integration with Onfido means we can offer users an unparalleled banking experience starting at onboarding. Speed is not only a competitive differentiator but also a specific need of our customers that can now count on a quicker process to onboard HYPE with the knowledge that their information is secure.

Luca Grampioggia, CEO at HYPE

“We are proud to support HYPE’s forward-thinking mission of creating a simplified way to connect people and banks digitally,” said Oliver Krebs, SVP of EMEA at Onfido. “With Onfido’s support of over 2,500 identity documents, HYPE is able to scale its business while creating a fast and frictionless end-to-end digital process for their users. This partnership further expands Onfido’s presence in the Italian market as well as its ongoing mission to simplify identity globally.”